E-commerce website for amateur astronomies

  • Role UX/UI
  • Date 2016
  • Type E-commerce Website
Problem The telescope is a complicated thing. It has expensive and fragile optics and user needs some basic knowledge about how telescopes work. We need to make it easy for a customer to choose and buy the right telescope. Hypothesis We can divide amateur astronomy customers into two groups — beginners and amateurs. Let's create sample users profiles:

Andrew Pole, 25 years old.
Andrew was amazed by looking the starry sky when he was a child. After a while, he remembered his child experience and now he has the ability to buy a telescope and spend time for a new hobby. But he doesn’t know anything about telescopes and how to choose the right one.

Jeffry Star, 35
Jeffry is an amateur astronomer for 15 years. He owned about 10 different telescopes. He knows a lot about them and he knows what he wants. He needs easy and quick search/filter, discount program, quick and safe delivery.

So we see two main goals — to help beginners to choose the right telescope and to provide quick and reliable search for amateurs.
Solution We can group telescopes by their characteristics into most usable groups. The user can reach this groups by quick tab selection on the home page and links on filter on categories page.

We can add useful articles and vocabulary to help beginners get more information about how to choose and use astronomy optics.

We can add quick tags on the products’ cards that will help the user quickly define if this telescope is right for him.

The most important thing about the telescope is its characteristics. Large photos can’t provide necessary information in our case, so we can show the main characteristics on hover on product card or in list mode view.

We can add simulator that will help beginners understand what they can see in this telescope.
Sketches Wireframes & User Flow Home Page Categories Page Product Cards I used two types of cards to show the product. This one is preferred because it contains all main information such as group tags and main characteristics of the product. As this information is always shown up and it helps a user to quickly analyze and compare few telescopes without distraction and extra moves.

The second card is less detailed as it’s used on the home page and its main goal is to guide the user to main categories of telescopes. Main characteristics are shown on mouse over the card. User can switch between two types of card.
Product Page Checkout Page Mobile Version Animation